Dental Insurance

There are many affordable dental insurance plans. We represent several group dental insurance carriers as well one providing individual dental coverage to individuals.

Individual Coverage

Individual dental insurance coverage has many times been a short substitute for an employer sponsored dental plan. Recently, several carriers have started offering comparable individual policies.

In the event that you want the individual dental insurance shown above, please complete the separate enrollment form and mail it, with a deposit check to our office for review. We will forward them to HealthPlan Services for you after ensuring their accuracy.

Group Coverage

If you are seeking an employer-based group dental insurer, the employer has three options right from the start:

Non-contributory Dental Insurance coverage: The employer pays all the coverage of the employees and may even consider paying a portion or all of the employees dependent costs, meaning the employee pays nothing for his or her coverage.

Contributory Dental Insurance Coverage: The employer pays a portion of the employee costs of coverage, usually 25 to 50%. The employer may or may not consider paying a portion of the dependent cost.

Voluntary Dental Insurance Coverage: The employer pays nothing toward any cost of the coverage. The employee pays all costs and usually the carrier requires at least two employees to accept coverage, or perhaps a percentage of the whole group.

Dental insurance is divided into types of plans. The goal is to allow you to receive comprehensive and flexible dental care.

A traditional plan, whereby the carrier pays based on a fee schedule, usually based on what is usual and customary within the local area. Traditional indemnity dental plans allow you to visit any dentist or specialist when you need care.

A PPO plan combines the freedom of a traditional dental plan with the economy of managed care. With the PPO plan, you and your family can visit any dentist or specialist you choose or a high-quality preferred network dentist, any time you need care. If you do visit a network provider, you'll receive the highest level of benefits and save on out-of-pocket costs.

After any applicable deductible, indemnity and PPO plans pay a generous percentage of dental expense up to an annual maximum.

Also offered are pre-paid dental health maintenance organization (DHMO) plans in certain geographical regions.